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Hello and welcome to my on-line old camera collection. My own interest in old cameras goes back to my boyhood. My Dad was a professional photographer and also a keen collector, especially keen on 1930s radios, Bakelite and Art Deco. Every weekend  my father would take my two brothers and I out to jumble sales and junk shops looking for collectables. If Dad saw something he liked in a junk shop window he would send one of us boys in to ask for the price. We learnt a lot about bargain-hunting from him. He would tell us “If you like something, don’t look too interested. Be prepared to walk away if it’s too expensive.” I was drawn towards old cameras – the first one I found and bought was a Box Brownie, a classic, simple design. Because my Dad had lots of film – these were pre-digital days! – I was able to test the old cameras  by putting a roll of film through each camera .

Dad’s studio was in Leather Lane Market and I loved visiting it. I would always bring one of my latest ‘finds’ with me and would wander down the market taking pictures of the people and stalls. When I’d finished the film, I’d rush into the darkroom and process and print it – always black-and-white in those days. By the time I was fifteen I had built up a collection of around fifty old cameras.

I’ve continued collecting old cameras on-and-off during my working life as a professional photographer. These aren’t cameras that are worth a lot of money, but they are cameras that have caught my eye. When I look at an old camera I find it fascinating to wonder what it has seen and recorded - each of these cameras  has a life and a story, now invisible. This website records some of my favourites from my collection.

The family collecting tradition is continuing since my son too has started a camera collection, triggered by a Lubitel from Camden Lock, bought when he was seven.

old cameras old kodak camerasSome early finds.

old camera, old kodak camera1899-1905 No1 Folding Pocket Kodak, nickeled struts and 2 finder holes. 4.5x6cm exposures on 121 film.

old kodak camera, more tham 20 years old film camera1899-1905 No1 Folding Pocket Kodak, nickeled struts and 2 finder holes. 4.5x6cm exposures on 121 film.