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Oliver Knight has very kindly donated a well-traveled Pentax ME Super to the Camera Collection. It has been donated by Oliver on behalf of Joan Munissi, the camera belonged to her family and It sounds like it has been many times around the world from the stories he has told me. Many thanks, Oliver and the Munissi family, It is much appreciated.

Pentax ME Super, Launched in 1976 http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukPentax ME Super, Launched in 1976 it was an upgrade of the fully automatic Pentax ME. The ME Super was an early adopter of electronic controls replacing the more traditional knobs and dials. It has two black buttons that control the shutter speed settings this was viewable as it changed settings in the viewfinder.

Mavis good friends of Joan and Roz Woodward has donated the 4 cameras below, I was thrilled to receive them as she has had many years of fun with them. Also the Kodak Disc 4000 is my first early disc camera in the collection. Many thanks Mavis for the generous donations.

Kodak Instamatic 32 http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukKodak Instamatic 32


Kodak 44B 1959-63 plastic eye level box camera http://www.collectiblecameras.co.uk Kodak 44B 1959-63 plastic eye level box camera 4x4cm pics on 127 film. single speed shutter


Kodak brownie Cresta c1955-58 black plastic http://www.collectiblecameras.co.uk Kodak brownie Cresta c1955-58 black plastic eye level box camera 120 roll film made in London


Kodak Disc 4000. In 1982 Kodak introduced the disc film camera, http://www.collectiblecameras.co.uk Kodak Disc 4000. In 1982 Kodak introduced the disc film camera, The Disc 4000 was the flagship of the range and the best of the first disc cameras.

Donated by Jillian Doylend of Powys. The OM1 was a gift from her husband so she could take photos of her son growing up. Later he purchased the OM10 so they could both take shots to print and process themselves. Jillian also kindly donated her Fathers Weston meter and a changing bag he picked up in Dresden during WW11. He was with the TOPO Engineers (US Army). The OM1 has given Jillian great pleasure over the years and has captured many magic moments and great photos. Thanks again to Jillian for the great camera donations.

1973 olympus OM1 collactible cameras chris windsorOlympus 1973 OM1. It earned wide acclaim as the world's smallest and lightest 35mm single-lens reflex camera. at the time of its launch in 1973.

Olympus OM10

Olympus OM10 1979 collectable cameras chris windsorOlympus OM10 1979, The OM10 was an entry-level AE camera with TTL direct light metering.

Weston Light Meter

Weston Light Meter collectible cameras collctable camerasWeston Light Meter

Beirette 1970s donated by Adrian Pearson, it was his mothers camera and it had several visits to Indiana USA

Beirette 1970 light plastic body