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Hilary Blunt of Kings Cliffe kindly donated her late Uncle Bill's Braun Paxette camera to my online Camera Collection. She has put my small charity donation to very good use in Zambia where Hilary's daughter lives. They help pay for HIV/Aids retro-viral drugs and the education of  families close to them.

Hilary writes; "Uncle Bill lived in a village called Merley near Wimbourne with Auntie Daisy. He was a dairy farmer and a market gardener. After he sold his farm, he was able to travel the world and took literally thousands of photographs with his beloved Braun Paxette.  He eventually retired to Kings Cliffe, where he was born, and lived to the grand old age of 95. Bill was an incredible gentleman throughout his life and helped many people generously. He would have been thrilled that his Braun Paxette will be cherished in your camera collection"

1960 Braun Paxette electromatic 1  http://www.collectiblecameras.co.uk1960 Braun Paxette electromatic 1 . The Braun was made in Nuremberg Germany. This was one of the first fully automatic 35mm cameras and is made to last!

Hilary send a second camera a Kodak Six-16 to Collectible Cameras it belonged to her uncle, Bob Potter. It has enameled art-deco body sides with a self erecting frame dating from 1934-1939

Kodak Six 16 UK Model 1934-1939. Chris windsor collectible cameras for saleKodak Six 16 UK Model 1934-1939. 21/2" X 41/4" images

Argus C3 from a charity shop in Lewis

Argus C3 1939-1966 made in Chicago. http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukArgus C3 1939-1966 made in Chicago.
It is fondly known as the "Brick" and is just as heavy! In 1996 the Argus Camera Company decided to refurbish some of the classic Argus C3 cameras for their 60th anniversary.

Robot 11 c.1939-51 Germany

Robot 11 c.1939-51 Germany  collectible cameras Chris windsorRobot 11 c.1939-51 Germany

Robot 11 c.1939-51 Germany  collectible cameras Chris windsorRobot 11 c.1939-51 Germany

Canon EOS 600

Canon EOS 600 collectible camerasCanon EOS 600

1969-71 Polaroid Automatic 330

This superb polaroid 330 http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukThis superb polaroid 330 was donated by my Dad, Paul Windsor. He uesd it for castings and location finding for his advertsing commissions. I remember seeing him using it when I was a child, you had to peel apart the polaroid film that needed to be coated with a fixer that smelt terrible!

1969-1973 Canon EX EE

1969-1973 Canon EX EE http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukThis was my first SLR camera!  My father bought it for me from Keith Johnson in the 70's.  It was pre-owned and got me hooked on photography. I passed it to my younger brother and he used it for many years too.  We have 3 lenses 35mm, 95mm and 125mm.