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Tracey Deakin from Torpoint Cornwall; Many thanks to Tracey for contacting me about her childhood camera collection.
Tracey started collecting when she was 12 years old, most were from car boot sales and local markets. She stopped collecting cameras when she reached 17 and had over 100 cameras in her collection.
Tracey found one of her cameras when she was 14 under a bench at Black Gang Chine on the Isle of Wight! she never did find the owner.... the Agfa Flexilette belonged to her stepfather, he purchased it while on holiday in Germany in the late fifties/ early sixties. The Yashica 44 was a gift from her first husband and the only place she could find the film for it was Harrods!

Tracey used one of her favourite cameras as the base for her wedding bouquet and attached a mini tripod to make it easier to carry.

Tracey became a professional photographer and displayed the choice cameras in her  photographic studio. They were then boxed up and stored in her fathers loft for over 10 years.... some didn't cope well in the loft and sadly suffered badly from corrosion. the cameras here were the lucky ones to not be too badly affected by their spell in the loft.

Yashica 44

Yashica 44 1960 4x4 TLR FOR 127 film http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukYashica 44 1960 4x4 TLR FOR 127 film

Rajar No 6 Folding camera

Rajar No 6 Folding camera http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukRajar No 6 Folding camera

Brownie Hawkeye Kodak

Brownie Hawkeye Kodak 1949-51 plastic camera. 620 film http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukBrownie Hawkeye Kodak 1949-51 plastic camera. 620 film

Minolta Hi-Matic F

Minolta Hi-Matic F 1972  http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukMinolta Hi-Matic F 1972 coupled rangefinder with auto metering

Yashica Lynx 5000

Yashica Lynx 5000 1965ish http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukYashica Lynx 5000 1965ish

Voightlander Vito B

Voightlander Vito B 1957 large bright frame http://www.collectiblecameras.co.uk Voightlander Vito B 1957 large bright frame

Ricoh Autoshot

Ricoh Autoshot 1960-66 spring-wind 35mm  http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukRicoh Autoshot 1960-66 spring-wind 35mm selenium meter around lens

Kroll 24s

Kroll 24s http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukKroll 24s

Zeiss Nettar

Zeiss Nettar 1933-51 folding roll film camera 6x9 exps http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukZeiss Nettar 1933-51 folding roll film camera 6x9 exps

Agfa Flexilette

Agfa Flexilette 1961-61 35mm TLR http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukAgfa Flexilette 1961-61 35mm TLR

Zenith Lomo

Zenith Lomo http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukZenith Lomo

Contessa Nettel

Contessa Nettel 1920ish http://www.collectiblecameras.co.ukContessa Nettel 1920ish