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Bakelite Camera Selection..

Sport Fex made in France in 1946 old camera 20 year old cameraSport Fex made in France in 1946 and pretty stylish too, it uses 120 film and has 3 shutter speeds with 2 apertures 'normal' and 'intense'

Purma SpecialPurma Special has a very clever gravity shutter that changes the speed depending on how the camera is held. hold it horizontally and it gives a medium shutter speed, hold it vertically and it gives a faster shutter speed finally turn the camera up the other way and you achieve a slow shutter speed! Made in England by R.F Hunter in the 1930. it takes 16 square pictures on 127 film.

Agiflash with fixed aperture, shutter Agiflash with fixed aperture, shutter speed and lens, has a built in flashgun that takes PF-14 bulbs. It was made in England by Agilux in 1954 and used 127 film.

Hawkette No2

Rajar No 6 Folding cameraRajar No 6 Folding camera

Coronet Vogue 1936 Brown bakelite Coronet Vogue 1936 Brown bakelite bodied folding camera. exposures are 3x5cm fixed focus with simple shutter.